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Pool Cover Roller with Plastic Base

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This pool cover roller is perfect to keep your pool cover in place, and thus keep your pool or spa clean. The roller features a slide adjustable and can easily be adjusted to suit the cover (suitable for covers with a maximum width of 6.15 m). It is equipped with a hand crank for easy control. As the hand crank is turned, the cover glides effortlessly onto the roller with the help of the included cords. The roller tube is made of corrosion- and weather-resistant aluminium, which is strong and highly durable. The roller can be dismantled, and is an essential piece of swimming pool equipment.

  • Colour: White and black
  • Material: Plastic and aluminium
  • Assembled telescopic roller length: 1.37-6.15 m
  • Tube length: 1.05 m/0.32 m
  • Tube diameter: 42 mm (outer)/37 mm (inner)
  • Number of tube: 7
  • With a hand crank for easy control
  • With 8 cords for connecting the roller with cover
  • Assembly required: Yes