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Dutch Oven Set 9pcs

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This Dutch oven set includes all tools you need for barbecue or/and going out for a picnic. The combination of grill plate, pan and Dutch oven enables you to roast, fry and braise. And accessories like lid, pot support and lid lifter make it easier for you to handle with ease, instead of roughing. Together with the wooden box in which you could put all tools in order, this kit is undoubtedly the ideal combination for outdoor activities like picnic and barbecue. Dry the steel parts after usage for a long lasting life.

  • Main Material: Cast iron (except the wooden box)
  • Total Weight (with wooden box): 18.95 kg
  • Components of Dutch Oven Set 9 Pieces:
    1. Decorative wooden box (3.9 kg; 55 x 21 x 34 cm)
    2. Pot with lid (pot) (top dia:25.5 cm; bottom dia:21 cm; H:10 cm)
    3. Pot with lid (lid) (top dia:26 cm; bottom dia:24 cm; H:2.5 cm)
    4. Sauce pot with lid (pot) (19 cm)
    5. Sauce pot with lid (lid) (20 cm)
    6. Fry pan [Top dia:30 cm(±2 cm); bottom dia:24 cm]
    7. Reversible griddle pan [4 kg; 51(with handle)/43(w/o handle) x 23.5 cm x 1 cm]
    8. Pot support (0.3 kg; 19.5 cm)
    9. Lid lifter (0.3 kg; 43 cm)